Everyone is familiar with the blue and black (or gold and white) dress that divided the internet a few years ago, and now one TikToker has a different article of clothing that has us scratching our heads.

TikToker @oteliacarmen shared a video of a hat that appears to change from brown to green.


Why lighting should be just as important as color/material selections!! #interiordesign #learnontiktok #designertips #colortheory #shopwithme

The interior designer said she bought a green hat in the store, but was puzzled when it was brown when she got home.

She said she then realised it was metamerism, the term used to describe how a colour can change under different lighting.


Why lighting should be just as important as color/material selections!! #interiordesign #learnontiktok #designertips #colortheory #shopwithme

A commenter asked what it looks like outside under the sun, and the TikToker responded by posting a video.

She showed it was brown while she was inside under artificial lighting, but was left puzzled when she stepped out into the sunlight only for it to remain brown.


Reply to @shaunmacl The magic hat in natural daylight, not what I expected 😅 #colortheory #metamerism #dayinmylife #shopwithme #STEMtok

Unsatisfied, her audience asked her to upload a clip where she wears the hat around the house while recording.

She posted a video showing it changing from brown to green as she made her way through the house.


Reply to @nb_1776 Room by room, no filters, mirror reflections for extra credit 😅 #colortheory #metamerism #interiordesign #STEMtok

Some are sceptical, and accused her of editing the video. In response, she brought the hat to her parent’s house to get her family’s take on the colour.

They, like her TikTok audience, were left confused.


Reply to @koko.t_ Do you believe it now!? Brought the hat to my parents house to test it out with witnesses! #metamerism #colortheory #physics #stemtok

The first video garnered 3.9 million views, 660,000 likes, and over 3,700 comments.

Popular TikToker @tinymakesthings replied: “It’s the dress all over again.”

Another said: “I can’t do this again pls.”

“Imagine having an outfit that you prepare and suddenly your hat changes colour and ruins the whole outfit,” another replied.

Luckily the hat is nice in both green and brown.

What do you think?

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