Blue ‘UFO’ filmed flying over Hawaii before crashing into the sea
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Did aliens flying a flashing blue spaceship crash land in Hawaii?

Probably not. But we can’t categorically rule it out, given that the glowing ‘blob’ reportedly seen by multiple witnesses has remained unidentified.

Footage posted to YouTube appears to show the blob whizzing through the sky; it then plunged into the waters around the island of O’ahu according to witnesses.

One woman who filmed the object described it as being as long as a telephone pole. She added that she followed the light in her car for 3 miles before watching its descent into the ocean.

After that, she says, a second, white light followed, which was smaller than the blue one. Rather than crashing into the sea, it disappeared over the mountain.

The incident sparked speculation as to the object’s origin.

One Twitter user guessed that it might be an LED kite, while others commented that it could have been a hang glider or ball lightning.

People on social media labelled it a UFO, which technically means “unidentified flying object”, but is often used to refer to sightings of potential extraterrestrial life.

According to local media reports, Federal Aviation Administration officials confirmed that there were no aircraft incidents or accidents at the time the object was sighted.

The police weren’t able to shed light on the mystery, either.

So either there’s a simple explanation for the lights that hasn’t yet been proven, or something altogether more strange is afoot.

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