Hawk Tuah girl's job revelation has everyone asking 'what is a spring factory?'

Hawk Tuah girl's job revelation has everyone asking 'what is a spring factory?'
Hawk Tuah Girl Rumors Debunked - Know Your Meme / VideoElephant

Hailey Welch - otherwise known as 'Hawk Tuah' girl- has debunked the rumours she was working as a primary school teacher - but her actual job has left some viewers more confused.

Recently, the 21-year-old gained online attention when she used the words ‘hawk tuah’ to describe spitting when she was interviewed on the street by ‘TimandDeeTV’.

As a result of going viral, speculation spread - thanks to a parody Facebook post- that Welch had been fired from her teaching role due to the nature of the video.

But in a recent appearance on Brianna LaPaglia's Plan Bri podcast Welch shut down the teaching job reports herself and revealed where she had been working before becoming an internet sensation.


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"I worked in a spring factory. I'm not a schoolteacher," she said. "I'm not even old enough to be a teacher... …None of it's true. At all."

Welch mentioned she worked in a spring factory, which is a bed spring factory located in Belfast, Tennessee.

While she didn't share her specific job role at the factory, the social media star wasn't fired from her job as she revealed to LaPaglia that she quit her job since she went viral.

Now, Welch has a manager and an ambition to continue her success in New York or LA.

Elsewhere in the interview, she discussed the strangest request she's received, her parent's reaction to the video, and whether she would Smash or Pass Donald Trump.

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