Ranvir Singh suffers from hayfever live on Good Morning Britain

If you’re a hay fever sufferer in the UK, you may have noticed that symptoms are particularly bad at the moment.

From scratchy eyes to a streaming nose and constant sneezing, hay fever can be a massive annoyance at the best of times, but the Met Office has warned that “particularly potent” pollen is causing symptoms that are worse than normal.

Along with that, Allergy UK has also warned of a new phenomenon called thunderstorm asthma, where hay fever symptoms become more severe with turbulent weather.

With all of that to contend with, hay fever sufferers have had no choice but to find the humour in their predicament and share in the misery with other sufferers online.

Amid the horrid conditions at the moment, one person tweeted their favourite video of a fellow sufferer raging about the “real pandemic” that is hay fever.

In the video, the man fumed: “Sweet as a nut, just left my house ready to get on with the day. Then bosh, I feel like I’ve done 12 rounds with Tyson Fury.”

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Another wrote: “What variant of hayfever is this because ???”

Someone else said: “I do not want it to be hayfever I want it to be byefever.”

One sufferer asked: “If you don’t have hayfever, how does it feel to really be gods favourite?”

The potent pollen is hitting every sufferer hard, with rapper AJ Tracey tweeting: “hayfever punching me up today.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I would kindly like to unsubscribe from hayfever.”

Someone else appears to have resorted to very unorthodox methods to try and avoid it.

"this hayfever variant is stronger than any covid we’ve seen before," one user quipped.

One Twitter user wants science to find a cure quicker, writing: "ngl I don’t think the scientists are working hard enough on a hayfever cure."

Another person who is suffering wrote: "You man that DONT have Hayfever. What are the deal terms you signed with Lucifer?"

One Twitter user questioned: "Who needs opps when there’s hayfever."

Someone else found out their sister had taken the hayfever medication with them when they left, causing utter despair.

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