Incredible KFC popcorn chicken bucket drenched in GRAVY will make your tastebuds ...

The powers that be at Hellmann's HQ made gravy mayo in April and horrified and delighted people in equal measure.

Then everyone seemed to forget about it and somehow move on with their lives, as if you could.

Until now. Someone spotted the divisive product on supermarket shelves and posted it where all divisive content goes, on Reddit.

And given the caption, it seemed they weren't a fan of it. This reignited that age (or April) old debate - is gravy mayo nice?

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from CasualUK

Some people thought the product put the "hell" in "Hellmann's":

"It's inspired by the dregs at the bottom of the bin," one wrote.

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should," another mused.

And a third said: "Just when we thought that things couldn't get any worse..."

But others thought it sounded tasty:

"The best chips have gravy, the second best have mayonnaise so why not give it a try?" asked an optimist.

Another said: "For when you can't decide whether to have chips with gravy or mayo, I kind of get it."

And another said: "Having now clocked the vegetarian symbol on the label far left i'm definitely willing to try it. Gravy good, mayo good, what's not to like?"

Upon release, the brand also made Coronation Mayonnaise and Chilli Charger Mayonnaise, claiming the three were inspired by “Britain’s best-loved restaurant sauces”.

Personally, we agree with the yaysayers, despite not yet trying it, but what do we know?

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