A hidden meaning in the Vans logo is blowing people's minds

A hidden meaning in the Vans logo is blowing people's minds

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The Vans logo has blown people's minds after spotting something they can no longer unsee.

Most people are familiar with the classic logo that simply reads 'VANS' in all caps with a line from the V across the top of the other letters. It's pretty basic, which explains why people haven't previously read into it too much.

But now, people on social media are giving the Vans logo a whole new (complex) meaning, linking the iconic brand to maths.

They've spotted how the V is similar to the square root symbol – also known as a 'radical', fitting for a skatewear brand.

To make matters more interesting, the following "ANS" is the same equation for the square root of the answer. On a calculator, it appears as "√ANS", just like the logo.

One eagle-eyed TikToker highlighted the link and couldn't wait to share their revelation.

The video shows a meme that reads: "I was today years old when I realized the Vans logo is the square root of the answer" along with a shocked emoji. The response underneath reads: "Once you see it, you can't unsee it."

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The discovery soon made its way over to X/Twitter where stunned users chimed in.

"The fact that the Vans logo is actually a math equation which is the square root of ANS and the answer is 420 still blows my mind," one person tweeted, while another added: "Someone told me that the vanslogo looks like a math equation & now that’s all I see."

"Something about vans logo make me wanna do maths man," a third joked.

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