Hilarious TikTok shows what happens when Americans attempt an English accent

Hilarious TikTok shows what happens when Americans attempt an English accent

One man has shared a TikTok hilariously describing what happens when an American butchers their attempt at an English accent.

TikToker Jesse Chuku plays both an American shopkeeper and the English customer in the skit.

He has the green screen effect on which sets the scene in a restaurant.

When the customer says his order the American shows off his impression of English accent.

“Welcome! Can I take your order?”

“Yeah, can I get lettuce and tomato,” the customer says in their English accent.

The camera then pans back to the American who begins to smirk, recognising the customer is English.

“Yeah and uh... ranch [dressing],” the customer adds.

“Ok let me get this straight,” the American says, “You want uh LE’ICE AND TOMA’O, WIV RANCH”


The exaggerated attempt an English accent sounds like something straight out of Oliver Twist.

Meanwhile, the English man looks unamused at his impersonation.

“Nah I’m kidding I love the British accent dude,” the worker says.

Next, he asks what the customer want to drink, to which the customer says: “Can I just get...”

A dramatic sound is then played as the American asks “What?”

“Can I get some water?” the customer replies.

Then, the American needs no encouragement to attempt the accent once more: “Don’t you mean A BO’O’WO’WA.

The video then shows the fed-up customer has left the store.

Jesse’s video has since gone viral, with 13m views and over half a million likes.

Thousands - both English people and Americans alike - have also commented on the video.

One person said: “Omg I grew up in New York and they always used to get me with the last one.”

“Believe it or not this happened to my dad, he punched two people waiting in line at a cafe for making fun of his accent. He got detained,” another person wrote.

Someone else said: “I did this once when I was working at the airport convenience store, I love the British accent.”

“American’s don’t know anywhere outside of London, obviously,” a fourth person said.

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