Did Hillary Clinton just announce that she's won the election?

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Today, if you didn't already know, is Democratic party candidate for the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton's birthday.

She's turned 69 years old. Happy Birthday, Hillary.

That is how birthday wishes are usually done. From one person to another.

Hillary has instead decided to wish herself a Happy Birthday, or at least a past version of herself.

She's also referred to herself as the 'future president' which is a little presumptuous.

Polls have her in a commanding lead ahead of Trump, but polls also said that the UK would vote to remiain in the European Union.

All in all, this is just about the strangest way her Twitter account handlers could have dealt with the day.

Which many pointed out:

Whereas some went along with it:

All in all:


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