'His job is beach' is the internet's new favourite meme

'His job is beach' is the internet's new favourite meme
Barbie: Just Ken (Trailer)

Barbie, which has now been in cinemas for a week and set countless box office records, continues to be a viral sensation with the latest meme coming courtesy of Ken's job in the film: beach.

If you've seen the film (and if not, then why not?) then you will have probably been charmed by Ryan Gosling's performance as the confused and downtrodden Ken who apart from trying to catch the eye of Barbie has taken the internet by storm for his very simply job.

Although Ken doesn't feel like his role in Barbie Land is fulfilling his many dreams and desires he does take his job at the beach very seriously and is very keen to let everyone know about it.

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This hilariously brief one-liner is repeated a few times during the movie but despite there being bigger jokes throughout the film this one gag has captured meme makers of the world's imaginations with many using the line for other big screen characters.

But what if Ken went to the wrong beach...

Sadly beach is not for everyone.

Other jobs are available.

With all that in mind we're off to find out how to apply for the beach job.

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