The internet can’t decide if this ‘honeycomb’ pasta dish is cursed or delicious

<p>Would you tuck into this ‘honeycomb pasta’?</p>

Would you tuck into this ‘honeycomb pasta’?


Just when you thought the baked feta storm had passed, TikTok offers up a whole new pasta controversy.

This time, it concerns a so-called “honeycomb” dish, created by user Anna Rothfuss (under the profile name “bananalovesyoutoo”).

In a new “cooking hacks” video, Rothfuss can be seen stuffing vertical cylinders of pasta – tightly packed in a cake tin – with “string cheese”.

She then pours a jar of tomato sauce all over the top – “make sure it’s nice and saucy” – before topping it with minced meat and a final layer of grated cheese.

She then bakes it in the oven and cuts an oozing slice, commenting: “Yum, honeycomb pasta, so good.”

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The clip has since been watched more than 11 million times on TikTok and 1.4 million times on Twitter, with viewers divided over the meal’s appeal.

Sharing the video, one Twitter user branded it “absolutely cursed”, while journalist Taylor Lorenz suggested “TikTokers need their pasta making privileges revoked for this one.”

Others were similarly furious:

Yet, plenty of others have been more forgiving:

While others were more upset with Rothfuss’s choice of cooking attire:

One thing’s for sure: people really, really care about pasta.

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