Creepy hooded men spotted in ghost town on Google Earth

<p>TikTok influencer Jason Cline shared his ‘creepy’ discovery with his 3.7 million followers</p>

TikTok influencer Jason Cline shared his ‘creepy’ discovery with his 3.7 million followers


Google Earth is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful things, but some are just downright creepy, as one TikTok user discovered.

Jason Cline posted a video showing how he had scrolled over to Nevada on the digital map only to find some sinister-looking figures cloaked in white.

Documenting his discovery, Cline zoomed in on the abandoned desert town of Rhyolite, warning viewers:  "What you are about to see, I cannot explain and I do not understand, I am literally thinking that I don’t supposed to see this."

He then clicked on the Street View function to reveal a deserted house, with a man dressed all in white and “looking really creepy” clutching a bicycle nearby.

"But that’s not just it,” Cline continued. “If you flip it around there’s a whole group of them in a circle doing some sort of weird ceremony or something."

The mystery of the bizarre cult-like cohort was soon solved, however, as fellow TikTokers flooded to explain the apparent apparitions.

“Omg I went there! It’s a ghost town in Death Valley!!!” one wrote. “That shack is a cute museum – the guy who runs it is the sweetest.”

It transpires that the ghoulish group is nothing more than a collection of statues created by Belgian artist Albert Szukalski.

They form part of an outdoor exhibition, named Goldwell Open Air Museum, which can be found just off the road leading to the famous Death Valley desert.

‘The Last Supper’, 1984Goldwell Open Air Museum

The group of life-sized sculptures dressed in white were installed in the town in 1984 as a “modern day representation of Christ’s Last Supper”, according to the museum’s website.

Szukalski followed up the imposing piece the same year with a smaller feature – ‘Ghost Rider’ – which is non other than the bicycle man highlighted by Cline in his clip.

‘Ghost Rider’, 1984Goldwell Open Air Museum

The TikToker’s video has been viewed more than 17 million times in a matter of days, so the Goldwell Open Air Museum has enjoyed some decent free publicity.

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