Hotel decides to start charging £26 for luxury water, gets laughed at

If even the hipsters are making fun of you, you're doing something very, very wrong.

The five-star Merchant Hotel in Belfast was ridiculed far and wide this week after introducing a new menu of luxury waters which range in price from £4.95 to £26.45 per bottle.

The hotel has appointed two new "water butlers" to help guests guests choose between water sourced from countries including Fiji, Iceland, Italy and the Canadian Arctic.

Needless to say, incredulous commentators on social media soon chipped in with their two cents:

Now Belfast hipster hangout The Hudson Bar has decided to get in on the lampooning action with their very own water menu, arranged by level of daftness:

We'd hate to get left behind on this newest innovation in beverage retailing so here's our brand new water list! Conveniently arranged by your own personal level of daftness.

Posted by The Hudson Bar on Friday, 24 July 2015

You might need some ice for that burn, Merchant House. Would a £26.45 bottle of 'Iceberg' do the trick?

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