A hotel owner has bit back at a customer’s review – Basil Fawtly style.

Reviewer Davey W500 should have seen it coming. The Grand Ash Hotel’s website offers some insight into its, er, management style. It states:

I am not allowed to put the sign I really wanted in reception a) because it’s not PC, (how I hate being PC) b) Because it may offend the delicate ones who I'd rather stay away c) my other partners won’t let me!

Suffice to say my last sign, which read “Everyone brings Joy to this Hotel, some when they arrive and some when they leave!!” rankled one busybody who photographed it and anything else that stood still enough for her to point her iphone at. We then had the moaner who complained about tinned tomatoes, get a life!

The hotel, in Llandudno, north Wales, calls itself a “no frills, clean, comfortable and friendly hotel”. But Davey has a few other words to describe it.

He wrote on Trip Adviser:

Welcome to Hell! I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. We took two young people from our care home for a relaxing night away and wished that we'd slept on the beach.

He said the owner had “less warmth and welcome than Basil Fawlty himself”. He added:

We were greeted by a bedroom that only a New Orleans resident - post hurricane - would have been pleased with. The smell of damp was atrocious , the "free" wifi didn't reach cell 21 and even the wall paper didn't want to stay. I've never seen a room that was obviously so disappointed in itself. I shut the curtains and the dust left me feeling like I had Dot Cottons lungs. Horrific.

He went on to explain the shower didn’t work, a member of staff barged into the room uninvited, and he was threatened with a bill for checking out “late” when no time was specified.

Picture:Picture: Trip Advisor

He concluded:

Please, if you have any dignity, do not book here. It should be closed down.

And the manager replied. He said:

You've got a very high opinion of yourself which is ill deserved, to be honest I wished you had slept on the beach that way I wouldn't be wasting my time writing in response to this garbage.

You made no grave error alright, you took on me and I more than a match for you pal, you were looking for trouble from the moment you arrived with your cocky little comments at reception!

He said the reason  a member of staff went into the room uninvited was because she assumed everyone had checked out from that floor.

He added:

Frankly people like you really shouldn't be let out on their own, you've clearly got issues with humanity by the looks of it, you seem to watch far too much TV, that evidently when your not staring at the wallpaper, you've obviously got a lot of time on your hands, you must have to write this nonsense on Tripeadvisor and if we never saw you again it wouldn't be any great loss.

You urgently need some sort of help, doesn't the care home you stay at have a duty of care to send some sort of escort or responsible person with you?

This isn't the only review the hotel has received, comparing them to Fawlty Towers.

Judging by the manager's response, he doesn't take kindly to the reference.

Picture:Picture: Trip Advisor

Manager's reply:

Picture:Picture: Trip Advisor

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