Man writes wife brutal performance review on how to improve herself

Man writes wife brutal performance review on how to improve herself
Wife gets revenge on husband who said she did nothing around the …

A man has caused a stir online after admitting to writing his wife a performance review on areas she could improve on.

In the popular Reddit forum 'AITA (Am I the a**hole)', users are on standby with brutally honest opinions as to whether someone has acted inappropriately.

In this instance, the anonymous man (let's call him Joe for ease) started by explaining that he and his wife share a six-year-old child together. The pair also take care of his wife's 13-year-old daughter and their 15-year-old niece, who they have custody over.

Joe believes that his wife is constantly siding with their youngest child, while harshly disciplining the elder two.

He went on to accuse his wife of teaching their toddler to "blame others for her actions to avoid consequences," with further claims of favouritism which causes the teens to "act out."

"She just says the word, one of the teens will get punished without question," he wrote. "There’s no doubt, she is my wife’s favourite. I love her, but she’s becoming nothing more than an entitled brat."

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As a result, Joe thought it would be a great idea to write his wife a parenting performance review, outlining her "areas in need of improvement."

"I touched on how she needs to listen better, stop being biased," he wrote. "Be fair in all her decisions, stop making rash decisions without taking all three kids into consideration.

"I recommended her to give each child the same amount of one-on-one alone time to speak, or just be with one another.

"So it wouldn’t be an entirely slap to her face, I gave her accolades on her strong points for other areas aside from parenting.

"I guess I felt this would work best because I could organize my thoughts on paper without her interjecting."

Unsurprisingly, his idea went down like a lead balloon and "quickly backfired" with his wife describing it as a "manipulative sexist move."

Redditors weren't far behind, either...

"The parenting of your children is not a project. You are not her boss, you are her husband and the father of her kid," one wrote. "Giving her a performance review comes across as really condescending and as she said, manipulative."

Meanwhile, another called it "kind of messed up."

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