Man in India disguises himself as a bride so he could visit his ‘lover’ on her wedding day

Man in India disguises himself as a bride so he could visit his ‘lover’ on her wedding day
Aditya Bidwai/Twitter/ Screengrab

An unusual incident has come to light from a wedding in India where a man attempted to visit his girlfriend on her wedding day by disguising himself as a bride.

Footage which is reportedly from a village in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh, a state in the north of India, shows a man, dressed as a woman, on his knees while being confronted by a group of men.

Reports from DNA India claim that the man had disguised himself as a bride in order to visit his lover who was set to marry another man.

The man had applied make-up, wore sandals and a veil and carried a purse to pass himself off as another bride in order to enter the house and talk to the actual bride.

However, his charade was quickly rumbled by family members who became suspicious of him due to his body language. As soon as his veil was removed he was confronted as to why he was there adding that he was also slapped.

India Today journalist Aditya Bidwai shared a video of the incident joking “this happens only in India.”

As the situation escalated the man managed to escape and was driven off by two friends on bikes who were waiting for him outside the house before the police were contacted.

DNA India adds that despite the incident no police report has been filed against the young man and nobody is wiser as to why he chose to try and infiltrate the wedding while dressed as another bride.

This is just one of a series of unusual wedding stories that have emerged from India in the past few days. Earlier this week a woman died during her wedding ceremony prompting both families to agree that her sister should take her place and marry the groom instead.

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