Influencer couple discover they crossed paths as kids in 90s home video

Influencer couple discover they crossed paths as kids in 90s home video
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An influencer couple appear to have confirmed there’s no such thing as a coincidence after discovering they were in the same place 10 years before they met, thanks to a home video.

In the past, people have shared unbelievable stories that could make anyone believe in fate and now one influencer couple has a story of their own to tell after finding out they had crossed paths a decadebefore.

The incredible discovery was made by the YouTuber, Roman Atwood, and his wife, Brittney, who shared a home video that captured both of them as youngsters.

Atwood shared the footage on his channel, explaining that the video was recorded in 1996 when Brittney was five years old at a sweet corn festival.

Neither child knew each other at the time and the pair didn’t end up meeting until a decade later. Yet, they were both at the same festival and happened to be caught on camera separately enjoying their time.

This Is Impossible! We Found Video Together In 1996! over a decade before we

In the YouTube video, Atwood explained: “Basically there’s a video of Brittney and I in the same place, at the same time, on camera in 1996 at a festival.”

Sharing some of the footage from 1996, Brittney was being filmed jumping on a bouncy castle when Roman walked past the camera in the foreground.

Obviously, nobody at the time knew the two children would meet later in life, get married and have their own kids together. Many shocked viewers suggested the chance encounter meant they were destined for each other.

“That is LITERALLY mind-blowing!! Y'all were really meant for each other,” one person argued.

Another said: “The odds of this happening AND being captured on video is just insane.”

Someone else commented: “The universe knew you were destined to be together.”

One person added: “I feel like when life shows you little (big) signs like this it means you’re on the right path with the right people. Y’all were MEANT for each other. That’s crazy.”

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