Influencer makes thousands of pounds through her armpit hair

Influencer makes thousands of pounds through her armpit hair
Woman earns money selling armpit hair to strangers
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A British influencer has made almost half a million pounds in earnings – thanks to her natural body hair.

Fenella Fox is a 30-year-old influencer from Worcester who shares frequent body positivity posts with her social media followers.

Fox explained how she witnessed a trend in bikini photos online and decided to recreate the images herself.

"I stopped wearing makeup, stopped styling my hair, stopped shaving and let my body do its natural thing," she told Mail Online.

"I talked about it a lot online and soon became known as a ‘body positive influencer’.

"I think at the time there weren’t many doing what I was doing so I really stood out and it was actually really scary."

Fox said she rakes in around £8,000 a month from creating content – however, while the financial freedom is a positive in her life, she also suffers from PTSD following a string of horrific backlash and two occasions of being stalked.

She told the publication that her "life has never been the same" since 2018 when a man became obsessed with the idea of hurting her.

"Horrific," she said. "I also experienced being stalked in person by another man in January this year and get long email essays from another man online regularly."

She went on to say that one of the worst reactions was someone telling her that her job would result in death in their country.

"I have also had men expect me to want to sleep with them because of my job," she added, noting that while she "entertains men online for a living," she gets "anxious" around them in person as a result.

"I'll be brave and get a kiss maybe twice a year - my lack of sex life often comes at the shock to many of my fans," she continued.

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