TikTok user exposes Instagram accounts that are 'red flags' if your boyfriend follows them

TikTok user exposes Instagram accounts that are 'red flags' if your boyfriend follows them
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A man took to TikTok to share a handful of Instagram accounts he considers "red flags" if your boyfriend follows them.

TikTok is full of advice and enlightening 'red flag' dating stories hoping that other people can learn from them. But this time around, Nasser Al-Rayess (@naw_sir) has turned the attention to who your partner is following on Instagram. And apparently, there are rules to this.

In a clip that racked up 1.8 million views, Nasser penned: "Instagram accounts that are red flags if your man follows them."

He kickstarted the hilarious TikTok with Sommer Ray, a fitness model famed for her workouts and healthy lifestyle. "Let me sum things up for you. Your man is thirsty for some booty," Nasser said.

Secondly, he highlighted Jen Selter, another fitness model. Despite her motivational workout videos, Nasser clarified that "he is not following her for her routines."

Finally, he pinpointed Tana ("whatever her last name is") Mongeau, YouTuber and singer. He simply stated: "I can come up with at least ten reasons that you should end things with your man."


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The clip was filled with hysterical comments, with one jokingly calling out "If he has a phone" as a red flag.

Another suggested to "get yourself a man who doesn’t have Instagram."

While a third concerned user said: "Ok I checked he follows all of them.. what should I do now" to which Nasser responded: "Time for a sit-down convo."


Can’t wait for this to start some drama #redflag #redflags #redflagsinmen

The clip became an instant viral hit on TikTok, which prompted Nasser to follow up with a second where he highlighted the likes of Madison Beer, Dan Bilzerian and Corinna Kopf.

And, just as you thought the females were safe, he then flipped the concept on its head and called out all the accounts classed as "red flags" if your girlfriend follows them.


I think Goop is a cult, I said what I said #redflags #trend #instagram

The Call Her Daddy podcast was first on the TikToker's radar, to which he joked: "It's time to call her daddy because you've got a problem on your hands."

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop was up next, to which he said: "Your girlfriend is wasting her money – and probably your money too."

Finally, Cameron Dallas was the third so-called "red flag." Nasser humoured: "It's time for you to take a trip to Dallas because you can do better than this."

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