An Instagram influencer has started a debate on social media after she failed to sell 36 shirts despite having 2 million followers online.

18-year-old Arii has managed to establish herself as a key influencer on Instagram by relying on brand endorsements and partnerships to live her privileged lifestyle.

Many of her posts are just simple images of herself wearing a brands outfit or garment, with the brand tagged in the caption.

It's a simple but lucrative way of earning a living but things can backfire on influencers when they try to sell their own products.

In a since-deleted post, she explained how the launch of her own brand had ultimately failed after she was unable to sell more than 36 t-shirts.

She wrote:

Unfortunately, the company that I'm working with goes based on your first drop sales.

In order for them to order and make my products (even to keep working with them) I have to sell at least 36 pieces (knowing I've become super irrelevant, I already knew it was gonna be hard) but I was getting such good feedback that people loved it and were gonna buy it.

No one has kept their word so now the company won't be able to send out the orders to people who actually bought shit and it breaks my heart.

Her confession about her failed business was captured and soon went viral on social media and it started a debate about what the role of influencers are and whether having tons of followers is actually worth anything if their output isn't that interesting.

Some theorised that Arii may have deliberately made this post and then deleted for a sympathy vote and then gain more attention for a potential second launch.

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