Presumably the English department at Salesian College in Farnborough would have let out a groan or two after seeing the above grammatical mistake on an educational supplement sponsored by the school.

Salesian College's press officer Lorraine Stewart explained to i100 that the supplement was published in the local Star Courier newspaper in Hampshire - produced by Trinity Mirror Southern.

"We don't get to see what they put on their front page before publication and unfortunately the mistake was made at their end," she explained.

Trinity Mirror Southern have now made an official apology to Salesian College although the school refused to comment when asked whether they would be sponsoring the supplement in future.

Fortunately, the all boys school did achieve very good GCSE results with 97% of students gaining at least 10 A*-C grades. So, perhaps there are some excellent educational oppurtunity's to be had after all.

HT to the eagle-eyed Jen Long and her grammatically observant mother. You can visit Jen's website here, and look out for her Twitter updates here.

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