8 things we learned about Anna Delvey in Call Her Daddy podcast

8 things we learned about Anna Delvey in Call Her Daddy podcast
'Anxious and frustrated' Anna Delvey's deportation on hold as she remains in ...
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Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) swears she is not a con artist. Instead, she considers herself more of a "performer" after making several shock revelations on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

The Netflix hit Inventing Anna lifted the lid on Sorokin's story with Ozark's Julia Garner as lead. Of course, parts of the show were entirely fictional for entertainment purposes.

The Shondaland-produced series has gone on to become the platform's most viewed English-language series in a single week (96M hours between February 14 and 20), knocking YOU (179M hours), The Witcher (168M hours) and Sex Education (160M hours) down a notch.

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For those who haven't yet watched Inventing Anna, it follows a twenty-something-year-old Sorokin who successfully fronted as a wealthy German heiress in New York. She managed to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars and was on track to obtaining a $22 million loan.

Sorokin was later found guilty of defrauding more than $200,000 (£147,000) from hotels, banks and other institutions. Additionally, she scammed friends and associates out of further sums of money, including a $62,000 (£47,000) bill allegedly covered by a friend.

She spoke to Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper over a video call from an ICE detention centre in New York where she has been held for a year following her release from prison.

Here are seven things we learned about her in the pod:

Did Sorokin tell people she was a German heiress or expecting inheritance money?

Sorokin quickly shut this down: "No," she said.

"No one introduces themselves like that.

"Like, what kind of sentence is that? It's completely ridiculous."

When asked how she believes the narrative surrounding her German heiress origins began, Sorokin said she thinks "people put together this story after the DA's office released the original press release from when I got arraigned in October 2017".

"I guess that would be my assumption, but I don't know," she added. "It's hard for me to track this because I was just in jail that whole time."

Did Sorokin lie about her "family's background or wealth"?

Upon reflection, the 31-year-old said: "I guess I did, I mean, I cannot tell an exact instance, but I'm sure.

"But all of that—I never, like, told any senseless lies."

Would she really tie the knot with Kanye West to get a green card?

Last year, Sorokin took to Twitter, saying she was "willing" to get married to Kanye West to gain citizenship in the US.

"That was a joke, that tweet," she told Cooper and has since become friends with West's ex, Julia Fox.

As for the rapper, she joked: "I don't know,"

"He doesn't seem to be getting the best reviews, so I don't know."

Does she feel guilty about allegedly "scamming" her friend, Rachel Williams?

In an episode of Inventing Anna, Rachel was forced to cover a $62,000 bill during a 2017 vacation in Morocco. In Sorokin's 2019 trial, she was found not guilty of larceny in the second degree.

"I was always saying it's a really unfortunate situation," she said.

"And, like, I never said, 'I'm so awesome and I did nothing wrong,' and it was just, like, a really unfortunate situation. I did let her pay it—and I knew there was a chance I could not repay her, but like for me at that point, I was going to go through with my project and everything was going to work out."

She added: "So, for me to tell Rachel, 'Hey, maybe there is a chance I'm not going to pay you back,' it would be the same for me to admit, like, my project is not going to work out. It would be equal to admitting failure on a bigger scale."

Did Sorokin really "overdose" to extend her US visa?

Towards the end of the Netflix series, the fictional character was accused of faking a suicide attempt to end up in an LA rehab and extend her US visa.

Sorokin said this was completely made up.

What would her future be like if she were deported back to Germany?

Though Sorokin may face deportation, she still envisions starting life elsewhere.

"Well, hopefully that won't happen," she said. "I mean, I can go anywhere else in the world. It's not like I have to stay in Germany."

Does Sorokin consider herself a con artist?

In short, no. "Absolutely not," she said.

"I never, like, intended to permanently harm anybody, you know?" Sorokin told Cooper. "I literally cannot come up with a single example where I'm like, 'Yeah, let me f--k this person over and they'll never see their money ever again.'"

Why is everyone obsessed with Anna Delvey?

"I really don't know, because I'm really just being myself," she said. "It wasn't something that I created...It was just really a surprise to me that people would be, like, so interested in the way I went about the things because it just made so much sense to me."

Sorokin is currently being held by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for overstaying the terms of her visa.

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