Julia Fox's bizarre pronunciation of 'Uncut Gems' has gone viral

Julia Fox's bizarre pronunciation of 'Uncut Gems' has gone viral
‘It’s definitely mutual’: Julia Fox reveals what is like being Ye's muse

Julia Fox has made headlines after her whirlwind New Years romance with Kanye West which recently ended after six weeks of dating - but the Uncut Gems actor has gone viral online for a different reason... how she pronounced the film she starred in.

During a guest appearance in early February on the relationship-based podcast "Call Her Daddy" host Alexandra Cooper asked Fox whether she considered herself to be West's "muse."

"Yeah, a little maybe," Fox replied as Cooper then asked the New York socialite was a "muse" is.

To which Fox referenced her casting in the 2019 Safdie brothers film: "I mean, I was Josh Safdie's muse when he wrote 'Uncut Gems.'"

Fox's character Julia De Fiore is based on herself after the Safdie brothers met Fox back in the early 2010s. The role was so similar in fact when the film script was sent to Fox asking her to play the part, her first question was: “Have you been spying on me?”

“There were a lot of similarities,” Fox told The Guardian in 2020. “Even in the character description, I was kind of like: ‘This is a little familiar.’ It was pretty spot-on.”

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While this may be true, people were more distracted by something else in the clip and couldn't help but point out Fox's pronunciation of Uncut Gems which sounded more like "unca jams," “uncaht gahms" or "uncut gaams."


Here for @juliafox #kanyewest being each others' muses 💕 #juliafox #callherdaddy #daddygang #ye #popculturetea

The clip posted on Spotify's TikTok account has amassed 3m views, over 100,000 likes and thousands of comments from people sharing their thought's on Fox's bizarre pronunciation.

One person wrote: "When he wrote Uncut GAAAAMMMSSS. YAAAAAAHHHHHH."

"Why did she say gems like that," another person asked.

Someone else added: "I thought she said uncut jams hahahaha."

"This is my first time seeing the original video…. I had no idea she was saying uncut “gems” until now," a fourth person replied.

Of course, the internet had a field day as they parodied the clip and lip-dubbed over the audio.

TikToker Michelle Driscoll (@michelledriscool) got into character with her lip-dub by copying Fox's heavy eyeliner she wore to a fashion show in Paris with West- who recently changed his name to "Ye."


POV: You’re Alex Cooper #juliafox #alexcooper #callherdaddypodcast #comedy #fyp

For TikToker Alexis (@daiquiriheiress), the pronunciation was an earworm she couldn't get out of her head as she did an accurate impression of Fox.

"My brain every 4 hours since I've seen that video," she wrote.


#juliafox #uncutgems

Another TikToker Danielle Glanz (@danielleglanz) also couldn't get the clip out of her head nor stop doing an impression of it as she demonstrated in a video and wrote: how its "the only word I've said for the past 72 hours."


✨ANKA JAHMZ✨ #uncutgems #juliafox #callherdaddy

Celebrities have even joined in, as model and actor Cara Delevigne gave her best impression and wrote in the caption: "Puts the muse in aMUSEment for us all."


Puts the muse in aMUSEment for us all

Pretty Little Liars and You star, Shay Mitchell said she "had to" do a parody of her own and sported a special Julia Fox TikTok eye filter that replicates the heavy eyeliner she hit headline with last month.

In one TikTok video, someone appeared to have even managed to momentarily change Fox's Wikipedia page to say she starred in the movie "Uncuht jamz."

Though indy100 did check Fox's page and spelling is back to normal.


Uncut jamz #fyp

People on Twitter also shared their thoughts on Julia's vocal fry in the brief clip and also revealed they can't stop pronouncing Uncut Gems in the same way.

Given that people can't help but do Fox's pronunciation for themselves as part of the viral trend, it now seems her impact in film and fashion has extended into language.

As a result of the viral trend, news must have gotten back to Fox that people were obsessing over her pronunciation as she has since revealed why she said "Uncuh Jahmz” instead of "Uncut Gems."

Under an Instagram post by Page Six displaying one of the parodies, Fox commented: “Omggggg I was stoned leave me alone!!!!” she along laughing emojis.

Good to see Fox has taken the jokes all in good jest.

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