<p>Tagh Hickey’s video on the British view of their empire</p>

Tagh Hickey’s video on the British view of their empire

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An Irish comedian has gone viral for his satire on the modern British view of their imperial and colonial past.

The video titled ‘The British Empire, but it’s a school reunion in Cork’ shows the comedian Tagh Hickey imagine a school reunion but instead of embarrassing memories from high school, it’s a reminder that Great Britain was indeed a “bully”.

“How have you been?” India asked Ireland, “For what we went through, pretty good.” they respond.

“Wazzup ladies?” A scruffy-looking depiction of Britain appears, interrupting them, and telling them they look good, desperate to celebrate the “good old days”

“You were a bit of a loser when you were hanging around with me,” Britain tells Ireland, who went independence in 1921.

They discuss Brexit, comparing it to a “divorce”, and painting the UK to be a caricature of a midlife crisis.

Other guests at the reunion include The Boer people and Kenyans, who they make reference to genocide referring to it “as a summer camp”

“You stole from all of us!” Ireland told Britain, who said it was “swapsies”, to which Ireland responds “its not swapsies if you don't have a choice.”

Comparisons are made to France and Belgium, who also committed colonial atrocities, but “they’re not proud of it. There’s no ‘those were the days’”

This video comes after calls to teach a more accurate picture of what happened in the British empire throughout their colonial endeavours. This has been met with resistance from the government, labelling it “Soviet Union-style censorship”

Additionally, more and more countries in the Commonwealth, like Barbados, have made efforts to remove the British monarchy as their head of state.

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