Man tries to photograph Hurricane Irma. Is knocked down by giant wave

Exclusive Live/YouTube screengrab

A man in Key West, Florida has been filmed trying to take a photo of a huge wave caused by Hurricane Irma.

The shot was not everything he had hoped for.

Acting against orders to evacuate the area, the man is seen on the island of Key West attempting to photograph the wave.

In the clip, recorded on a webcam, the man is knocked down by the force of the water.

He clambers to his feet, and shuffles away - presumably hoping nobody saw.

The web camera broadcasts from the southernmost point of the United States in the Florida straits.

Key West is one of a collection of islands off the Florida coast, roughly 90 miles away from Cuba.

According to the National Weather Service, 'Nowhere in Key West will be safe'.

The service also warned that 'locations in the keys may be uninhabitable for an extended period of time'.

Approximately 6.3 million residents of the Florida Keys and the Miami area have ordered to evacuate, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

The governor of the state Rick Scott, told Floridians on Saturday:

If you have been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now.

Do not wait. Evacuate. Not tonight, not in an hour. You need to go right now.

HT Daily Mail, CNN

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