Photo of 'MrBeast' flying in economy has fans concerned he's broke

Photo of 'MrBeast' flying in economy has fans concerned he's broke
MrBeast lives in modest $318K house
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A photo of MrBeast shared by the streaming platform Kick asleep on a plane has fans concerned that the most subscribed YouTuber on the planet is broke.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, has a reported net worth of $100 million but has spoken in the past about how much money he loses when filming his highly produced and expensive YouTube videos as well as having his own Feastables and MrBeast burger ranges and advertising and sponsorship deals.

However, fans have been alarmed at an apparent image of the 25-year-old asleep on a plane while flying in economy class when he could easily afford to fly in the more lavish business seats in first class or even on a private jet.

The image which has since gone viral saw Kick say on their X/Twitter account "bro wtf MrBeast doing in economy?" without any indication as to whether the person in the picture was actually the YouTuber or not.

Many fans of MrBeast have since latched onto the photo asking if he is in financial trouble while others weren't convinced.

Dexerto have reported that the person in the picture could be a lookalike while a community note on a Drama Alert tweet also stated that there was no proof that MrBeast was actually in the photo, while also stating that it was actually a Taiwanese airline and not a Spirit Airlines plane.

MrBeast is yet to respond to the image but it is highly unlikely that he is broke given that his most recent YouTube video has more than 98 million views.

Regardless even if it is him, just because he's very rich doesn't mean he has to spend frivolously or think that he is above anyone else on a plane.

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