iShowSpeed claims that he is going to stream live from North Korea

iShowSpeed claims that he is going to stream live from North Korea
IShowSpeed ordered to stop streaming after celebrating Real Madrid goal at Man …

iShowSpeed appeared on a live stream in South Korea on Monday (May 13) and announced that he would be heading to North Korea to stream for his followers.

The 19-year-old walked through a street in South Korea and spoke to the camera, confirming the news.

"Tomorrow, join my stream. I'm going to North Korea,” he said.

"The stream gonna be... 5.30pm Eastern," adding that fans in the UK and Europe can watch at around 10.30pm, which is around 6.30 local time.

North Korea opened its doors to tourists for the first time in four years in 2024, but people wishing to visit can normally only do so as part of a tour organised by North Korean officials or approved agencies.

Further details of the stream have yet to be announced.

Speed recently surpassed 24 million subscribers on YouTube - a pretty incredible feat considering he only passed the one million mark in 2021.

The streamer had an eventful time of this year in the sporting world, too appearing to have signed a contract with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

A video the 19-year-old posted on YouTube starts with him explaining what happened.

"I just got this call from Man United and they told me to pull up to their office," he said.

Elsewhere, Logan Paul brought iShowSpeed out to Wrestlemania this year.

Last year, KSI - as a big blue Prime Bottle - accompanied the now United States Championship to the ring against Seth Rollins only to be put through the table, and this his year, Speed had the honour of being the person to dress up in the big Prime bottle costume and get smashed into a table by Randy Orton.

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