IShowSpeed makes promise to Manchester United after signing 'important' contract

IShowSpeed makes promise to Manchester United after signing 'important' contract
IShowSpeed ordered to stop streaming after celebrating Real Madrid goal at Man …

Popular American YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed appears to have signed a contract with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

A video the 19-year-old posted on YouTube starts with him explaining what happened.

"I just got this call from Man United and they told me to pull up to their office," he said.

"I'm super confused, I'm like what's going on? I got a call from Man United and it sounded like a manager, like a business person.

"They said it's very important."

IShowSpeed is then seen to enter the press conference room at Old Trafford where there is a contract on a table waiting for him to sign.

He's in disbelief at what he sees, saying: "Oh my god bro, no way!"


IShowSpeed signs it with his real name of Darren Jason Watkins Jr with flash photography going off before then taking questions from 'journalists' as the club's 'record signing'.

The first question is 'where does it rank among the biggest moments in your life' to which IShowSpeed replies: "My top three."

He names meeting Cristiano Ronaldo and being RKO'd by Randy Orton at Wrestlemania above it.

"To all the Manchester United fans out there, just know that we are going to be number one, I love this club and I will make sure that you all know I love this club," he said.

IShowSpeed then meets two kids who give him a Manchester United shirt with 'million' where the name usually goes on the back with the squad number of 24.

He's then given a tour around Old Trafford including the dressing room, where there's a shirt hanging with 'Speed' and the number seven on the back.

The video seems to be a celebration of IShowSpeed recently hitting 24m subscribers on YouTube.

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