BBC News appears to be having some trouble distinguishing between 'miracles' and 'facts'

Single quotation marks can be very important.

The BBC News homepage caused a minor kerfuffle for placing single quote marks around the word 'pathway' in its headline "'Pathway found for EU deal - Cameron" about the EU negotiations today.

But while the quote marks raise the spectre of doubt on the political story, the Beeb apparently had no such issue reporting on the recognition of another 'miracle' by Mother Teresa.

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Ah, juxtaposition.

The copy in the Mother Teresa article clarified that the BBC were reporting the Vatican's statement, rather than confirming that a miraculous healing had indeed been carried out by the nun.

The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008, the Vatican said.

Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was beatified in 2003.

To be canonised, a person must perform at least two recognised miracles, and as such the nun is likely to be made a saint next year, following Pope Francis' recognition today of a second miracle attributed to her.

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