Jaffa cake and cheese snack disgusts the internet

Jaffa cake and cheese snack disgusts the internet
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A man's unique food combination has sparked a debate online after he shared a photo of the unusual comfort food on a popular Reddit forum.

"Behold my post-gig creation," he wrote, alongside the questionable culinary creation of a Jaffa cake topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. He later described it as tasting "not too bad," comparing it to "cheese and fruit cake, but with a slightly citrusy aftertaste and a lot less stodgy."

The bizarre post sent Redditors into a spiral – and we're not surprised.

One offended user immediately turned to the comments saying they "rang the police," before a second jumped in and said: "This is a job for the food police, not the f***ing police."

Another advised the man to "have a word with yourself mate, for all of our sakes."

Attention soon turned to the cheese, with one witty user commenting: "Holy f***balls, at least use a proper cheese slicer mate. What the hell did you cut those with? An old boot?"

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The post encouraged one Redditor to confess his father's strange snack, consisting of Jaffa cakes and cucumber slices. He joked: "You and him are two peas in a pod that need to be locked up somewhere far away from civilisation."

Another empathised with the Reddit poster: "F*** the haters. My go-to is choc digestives with cheddar though."

Strangely, some were keen to try the cheesy concoction out for themselves.

One said, "I'd absolutely eat this without hesitation," with another adding: "I’m trying this as soon as humanly possible."

A third reiterated: "I actually wouldn’t mind having ago."

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