How to toast: Tuna melt sandwich

Sometimes, it is hard to decide what to eat.

So TikToker Jake Pauwels decided to take a creative approach to this dilemma - by rolling a dice.

During many of his lunchtime quests, the high fantasy writer and Dungeon and Dragons master writes down lists of everything he has at his disposal in his fridge onto a series of plates.

He then rolls a dice to decide what exciting sandwich he'll build before eating it.

Now Pauwels has 1.3 million followers on TikTok, with many coming to see the sandwich series called the Roll for Sandwich, which has soared in popularity.

Generally, the self-proclaimed "amateur chaotic sandwich eater" and Dungeon master begins the segments by rolling a six-sided die down a regal-looking dice tower, which is set beside a plate or paper with a chart with possible ingredients.

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The side the die lands on first determines the type of bread, including options such as English muffins, Ezekiel bread, French bread, and pancake.

Next are the "mains," which include salami, tuna, refried beans, and egg salad.

After that are the cheeses, "roughage" or toppings that range from pears to pickled okra and "wild magic" or — which uses a D20 die and incorporates anything from cereal to Old Bay seasoning to scrambled egg.

Lastly comes the defining moment - sauce. This could change the entire flavour of the creation.

Pauwel puts the interesting sandwich together and takes a bite.

Some of his creations seemed to be surprisingly successful.

One was a chicken and peanut butter sandwich with Brunost cheese ( a sweet cheese from Norway), pickled plums, and cucumber on honey wheat bread.


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At the same time, another was a roast beef vegan provolone and raisin, apple cereal, and kimchi mayo sandwich he dubbed "breakfast at Kim's."

However, some of the combinations, including one he said, had "completely full of clashing flavours."


EP 68 - 9/12/22 - Wait is September really almost half over?! #rollforsandwich #rfs #rfsseason2 #dndtiktok #food #professional #iamaprofessional #foodietiktok #dnd #dice

Pauwels, a stay-at-home dad, told Polygon that he started the series as a fun way to retool the Dungeon and Dragons gameplay with things he had around his house, especially after supermarket trips.

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