James Blunt is 'handing over his Cockney rhyming slang title' to Jeremy Hunt...

Jeremy Hunt has become public enemy number one in recent weeks for his ongoing battle with junior doctors over their working hours.

In fact, recent polling data showed that the public overwhelmingly supported the medics - just 13 per cent said the breakdown in negotiations were the junior doctors' fault compared to 64 per cent who blame the Government.

While it's probably a stretch to call James Blunt a public enemy, he's hardly been the most popular person in the country since rising to prominence with his 2004 album Back to Bedlam.

A figure of fun, ridicule and contempt, Blunt has always given as good as he gets online...

And on Wednesday afternoon the singer tried to hand over the reins of hatred to the health secretary whose surname rhymes with his - and that other very rude word:

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