‘Abolish Jedward’ goes viral after pop duo call to end the monarchy

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With the installation of a new monarch comes the divisive debate over the future of the royal family, but former X Factor contestants John and Edward Grimes have sparked their own controversy on the issue - leading some to suggest we “abolish Jedward”.

The Irish singers, who appeared on the 2009 series of the now-defunct talent show, initially attracted criticism following the death of the Queen on Thursday, when they suggested “Liz Truss must have done something on that visit to the Queen” earlier this week.

Jedward went further in follow-up tweets, writing: “How is this insensitive? Liz Truss is transphobic, that’s beyond insensitive.

“FYI we’re Irish, the country that has been oppressed historically by the monarchy! Please study your history! We haven’t said anything but the facts!

“Abolish the monarchy and give the people real democracy!”

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They also called on the Queen’s successor, son King Charles III, to “hand back the six Irish counties” of Northern Ireland when he next visits the country.

Yet the pop duo’s intervention on the debate over the monarchy has led some fans of the royals to suggest we abolish the former Eurovision contestants instead:

Many, however, have shown support for the musicians and their right to free speech – pointing out that this is a subject which many critics tend to hold dear:

It isn’t the first time Jedward have gone viral online, either. Last year saw them shave their signature quiffs to raise money for a cancer charity , suggest London’s Winston Churchill statue be placed in “Piers Morgan’s back garden”, and brand former mentor Louis Walsh a “wrinkly white old fart”.

How we wish we had Jedward’s confidence.

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