Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes trailer

With the Halloween season fast approaching, ideas for what you might dress up as might already be circulating among friends. But, people are being warned against dressing up as the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer for the occasion.

Last week, Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – a dramatised depiction of the infamous killer's life and gruesome crimes that has gone to number one on the streaming platform's viewing lists.

Dahmer was responsible for killing and dismembering 17 men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991.

Due to the timing of the Netflix series and Dahmer’s increasingly high profile, there is concern that the killer will become the inspiration for Halloween costumes and on social media, some have voiced their worries about this happening.

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Twitter user Nicole Murray wrote: “The constant lack of remorse for Dahmer’s victims on social media makes me believe many people are going dress as Jeffery Dahmer and his victims for Halloween and that is so sick.”

Murray was far from the only person to share this view, as another person urged: “White people do NOT dress up like Jefferey Dahmer for Halloween this year.”

Someone else tweeted: “If you’re thinking about dressing up as Jeff Dahmer for Halloween, don’t.

“Imagine your family member getting killed and tons of people dress up as the person who killed them.”

“Since it’s officially October I feel like people need to be reminded that serial killers are not Halloween costumes, no one wants to see your skinny blonde boyfriend dressed as Jeffery Dahmer.

“Real people were and still are affected. Victims' trauma is not your Halloween costume,” another wrote.

Last year, it was another Netflix show that dominated Halloween costumes after viral sensation Squid Game was released in September 2021.

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