How long does a head of lettuce last?

How long does a head of lettuce last?
If You See Red Stuff on Your Lettuce, You Should Still Eat …

Following TV host Jeremy Vine asking the question "Will Liz Truss outlast the lettuce?" as prime minister, it now begs this question: "How long does a head of lettuce actually last?"

As Vine hosted his show, a head of iceberg lettuce was sat on a small podium in the background of the broadcast as a reminder to viewers that since Truss assumed the role of Prime Minister last month, the UK economyhas taken a big hit.

This was a rather genius response to Truss firing Chancellor Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng after just 38 days in office.

He even polled Twitter, asking his followers how long they believe Truss will last in office. And more than half of the participants said they believe the PM will lose her job by Christmas.

According to the Food Network, loose lettuce and other leafy greens can stay fresh and crisp for a week to 10 days when they are stored correctly.

As for a full head of lettuce, Smarter Homemaker suggests that it's more likely to last up to two weeks when refrigerated.

If you leave lettuce out, it can stay out for two hours at room temperature, but If the temperature is hot, try to put the lettuce in the fridge within an hour.

At the end of September, Truss and Kwarteng had initially introduced a mini-budget plan for the UK, and it included major tax cuts funded by the government.

But a lack of transparency in the plans caused the pound sterling to plummet.

This isn't the first time Truss was at the brunt of a lettuce joke.

The Economist published a column earlier this week that claimed Truss has the "shelf life of lettuce" because her "grip on power was the shortest in British political history. "

The Daily Star also had a live stream of lettuce on YouTube to see if it could outlast Truss as PM.

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