Spoiler alert: 'Jesus died' trends on Twitter

Spoiler alert: 'Jesus died' trends on Twitter

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We’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but Jesus Christ died – and Twitter just wants you to know what happens in the Bible for some weird reason.

“Jesus DIED” – yes, with the all-caps on “died” for dramatic effect – trended on the social media platform on Wednesday, with the reason for the phrase going viral appearing to be because of a tweet from YouTuber and Twitch streamer One Topic At A Time.

Penning a tweet on Tuesday evening, the creator wrote: “Type ‘Jesus DIED for my sin of’ and let your keyboard expose you.”

So rather than being an explanation of the Bible story and how he was crucified on a giant wooden cross, it was – like many things on the internet – created from a silly Twitter challenge.

And while One Topic At A Time’s post has received more than 712 replies at the time of writing, it found a new life a day later, when more people were tweeting the phrase and wondering where the hell – sorry, heck – it came from.

Plus, spoilers:

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It isn’t the only chaotic thing to happen on Twitter (when is that bird app never not chaotic), as it was only last week that a parody account of the controversial news channel GB News wreaked havoc on the platform.

@GBNews_UK – a fake handle, given the real deal has just @GBNews - was suspended by the site after posting a string of nonsensical tweets and false news stories to its profile.

One claimed a lorry with “£20,000 worth of perishable food destined for Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Somerset mansion” is caught up in queues at the French border in Calais, which obviously isn’t the case.

Now that it’s been revealed that Jesus died, stand by for news he will, in fact, rise again.

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