Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Joe Biden’s testicles in late-night roast

Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Joe Biden’s testicles in late-night roast

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at President Joe Biden over his 38 per cent approval rating by making a below-the-belt joke.

“The president’s approval rating is even lower than his testicles,” the host joked on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel then cited a survey that was published over the weekend on USA Today, which spoke about Biden’s approval rating drop to 38 per cent.

He then quipped that the rating was before Congress passed the $1tn infrastructure bill.

But Kimmel pointed out that there was one president whose approval rating was worse than Biden’s at this point.

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“You want to guess which president it was? I’ll give you a hint — his name rhymes with ‘garbage dump,’” he said.

Kimmel also spoke on the low approval ratings of Vice President Kamala Harris and how Americans are dissatisfied.

He noted that Harris’ approval rating is lower than Biden’s, coming in 28 per cent, while joking saying “she basically has nothing to do” and that it’s similar to “criticising a backup quarterback.”

Kimmel then joked that Harris’ popularity rating is now worse than Dick Cheney’s approval rating of 30% in 2008 “after he shot a guy in the face.”

Because the recent jobs report was favourable, with the US economy adding 531,000 jobs last month, and Covid-19 cases have been decreasing, Kimmel reasoned that Biden’s low approval ratings must be due to his “whispering.”

“We’re also not even a year into his presidency,” Kimmel said after showing a clip of Biden whispering over his microphone while speaking to reporters at conferences.

However, Kimmel said it’s not worrisome because Biden is “like a Grandpa at the wheel” and “he’ll get us there.”

It’ll just happen very slowly with the blinker on the whole ride.”

Check out the segment below.

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