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When scholars of future millennials look back at the significant contributions that were made to humanity during 2018, they will probably cite things like Donald Trump's attempt to discredit climate change, the resurgence of casual racism and the unlikely revival of Latin.

However, in our humble opinion, they should reference a celebrated author of child fantasy novels rinsing the hell out of people on Twitter like it was nothing.

Of all the major celebrity accounts on Twitter, it's JK Rowling that has an uncanny ability to endlessly troll celebrities, politicians and other detestable individuals to the point where they might as well delete their Twitter accounts and never come back.

It does help that she is a best selling author and has a way with words that most of her enemies do not, but we never cease to be amazed by Rowling's consistent ability to mock anyone that gets her back up.

So, let's look back at some of her finest moments on Twitter this year.

1. Using a meme to mock Donald Trump.

2. Quoting George Orwell in response to THAT Jim Acosta video.

3. Comparing the crowds and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding to the crowds at Trump's inauguration.

4. Using Russian to clap back at Arron Banks after he tried to mock her.

5. Mocking Trump's descent into madness via his poor grammar.

6. Owning Jacob Rees-Mogg for claiming that a no deal Brexit is better than a bad deal.

7. Referencing graphology to mock Trump's giant signature.

8. Calling out Trump's subtle 'everyday racism'.

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