Joe Biden has revealed his must-have desert island beauty product - and it’s very sensible

Joe Biden has revealed his must-have desert island beauty product - and it’s very sensible
Photo courtesy of @mannymua733/TikTok

Make-up products are most likely not the first things you think to bring with you on a desert island.

But it doesn’t mean you have to rule out all beauty products for your next tropical vacation!

YouTube beauty influencer Manuel Gutierrez Jr, who goes by Manny MUA on the platform, recently interviewed Dr Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden for his channel about the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccine facts and myths.

Towards the end of the YouTube video, Gutierrez Jr asked Biden about his must-have beauty product when visiting a desert island—and it’s an essential item.

“If you were to be stranded on a desert island, and you had to bring one skincare product that you might really love, what would it be?” asked Guttierez Jr.

Biden seemed to hope the question was about who he’d bring with him on the desert (Dr Jill Biden).

“I was hoping you would say if I could bring a person I really love,” Biden joked before revealing his favorite product.

“I happen to be Irish, so I think my wife, before I headed to that island, would tell me that you better bring some sunscreen, and I think that’s the one product I would bring, is sunscreen.”

Guttierez approved the statement from Biden, saying that he “hoped” he would say that and “sunscreen is very important.”

He also posted the clip of him asking Biden about the skincare favorite to his TikTok, which was met with positive reception.

“We stan a president that promotes sunscreen,” wrote a commenter.

“The way I saw this and ran to your channel. This is how you use a platform for positivity and informing people!” wrote another commenter.


The makeup artist has over 4.86m subscribers on YouTube, and 4m followers on Instagram thanked Biden for “all that you’ve done for the LGBT+ community.”

“Thank you for all the things you’ve done for the nation,” Gutierrez continued.

Sunscreen is significant for your skin because it acts as a barrier against the sun’s rays.  The National Cancer Institute further states that sunscreen “absorbs, reflects, and scatters ultraviolet light A and B radiation.”

With that in mind, we will keep President Biden’s beauty tip in mind when we book our next trip to an island.

Check out the full interview below.

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