People are begging Joe Biden to fix their favourite fast food chains
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With Joe Biden’s move to the White House imminent, people are brainstorming ideas on what the president-elect should fix to actually make American great again.

The first item on the agenda? Taco Bell.

It seems voters are desperate for the president-elect to fix a very specific concern.

Here’s what happened.

The fast food chain came under fire by customers after it decided to cut more than a dozen items from its menu, including potatoes and Mexican pizza.

The changes have reportedly been good for business, as Business Insider reported that menu simplification and shorter hours contributed to a 3 per cent growth in sales – just to the chagrin of the restaurant’s customers.

Despite their disappearance from the menu, Taco Bell’s patrons can’t stop begging Joe Biden to bring back their favourite dishes.

“I can’t wait until Joe Biden takes office so he can sign an executive order to bring back Taco Bell shredded chicken,” one fan tweeted.

“Disappointed to discover that Joe Biden’s Day One agenda doesn’t include bringing the quesarito back to Taco Bell,” another wrote, referring to the Taco Bell speciality of a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. What a delicacy.

Potatoes also seem to be extremely popular, as social media is flooded with requests for them. “What's Joe Biden's plan to bring potatoes back to Taco Bell?” one person asked, echoing the sentiments of many.

It’s not just Taco Bell either.

Americans are sending their pleas to Biden to bring back other fast food menu items axed during the pandemic including the all-day breakfast at McDonald’s and Burger King’s cheesy tots.

If Biden can’t bring back the country’s favourite fast food, what’s the point, right?

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