Joe Rogan says Will Smith 'took a s***' on the dinner table at Oscars

Joe Rogan says Will Smith 'took a s***' on the dinner table at Oscars
‘It sets a terrible precedent’: Joe Rogan criticises Will Smith for slapping ...

Podcast host Joe Rogan had some thoughts on the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap situation that went down at the Oscars - and he didn't hold back.

Rogan passionately disagreed with Smith's defense of his wife calling Rock's G.I. Jane joke "the most mild of joke," and compared Smith's reaction to somebody defecating on the dinner table.

Speaking on Tuesday's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he said: "Everybody is just going to sit there in this s**t that you just took on the table, you just pulled your pants down and took a s**t on the dinner table and they all just have to sit there and look at it, that's what it's like."

Rogan was referring to Smith's actions changing the entire vibe of the Oscars audience when the slap occurred. It was clear from audience members' faces that the interaction was extremely uncomfortable and jarring to watch in person.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock after Jada Pinkett Smith joke Video

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Rogan maintained the point that Smith had no grounds to be upset at Rock's joke because Rogan felt the joke was not offensive.

"He's so god***n famous and so removed from regular discourse and interaction with regular people that he, for whatever reason in his head, acted like he's a character in a movie," Rogan added.

The podcast host added that if the interaction had occurred with non-famous people, it would be considered outlandish and there would be larger implications.

Following the slap, Smith went on to win the Oscar for best actor for his performance as Richard Williams in King Richard. Rogan believes Smith should not have been allowed to win and should have been ejected from the show.

"You can't just go smack a man in the face in front of the world then go about business as usual, it sets a terrible precedent," Rogan said.

People online have speculated that Smith could lose his Oscar for the slap.

Rogan's guest, mixed martial artist Josh Barnett, disagreed slightly with Rogan explaining that he believes Smith had every right to be upset and confront Rock, although he too condemned the violence.

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