Joey Swoll reveals 'heart scare' that doctors had 'never seen before'

Joey Swoll reveals 'heart scare' that doctors had 'never seen before'
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Gym influencer Joey Swoll expressed his gratitude towards medics who handled his recent health scare which resulted in a six-hour heart surgery.

In a post shared to Instagram on Sunday (28 April), Swoll explained how he had a "little scare this week" which he believed to be a "routine 30-40 minute heart surgery."

However, Swoll ended up staying for six hours on the table.

"In the end I made it, I’m home, and I’m 100% for the first time in years. My heart is the best it’s ever been. I’m SO thankful for all incredible doctors, nurses, and amazing staff at Hoag Hospital," he continued.

In a follow-up post, Swoll said he felt "great but VERY sore and very, very beat up."

He told his 4.3 million followers that he went to the hospital on Friday for a routine diagnostic angiogram, but claims a piece of the tool they used "fell off inside [his] heart" and caused "a LOT of problems."

Medics had to put a pump in his heart during the procedure that lasted hours – and were finally able to retrieve it.

He called it a "miracle," adding that doctors have never seen this happen before.

Swoll told his followers that he is now at home and healthy, but feeling "physically and mentally beat up."

"I am black and blue across my entire midsection and groin but that will heal," he penned. "My problem is I feel like I'm still on that table looking up at that beige ceiling and bright light as I lie there helpless. That's going to take some time. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and kind words. It truly means the world and you've all put a big smile on my face."

His post was soon flooded with well wishes from fans, with one writing: "All that positivity and helping people has paid off in favor my friend! Glad to hear you're okay, take as much time as you need!"

Another added: "'I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend, my friend."

Others in the comments suggested it was malpractice: "Lawyers are salivating. This is a huge lawsuit. Get well soon."

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