Reagan shooter John Hinckley says mentally ill people shouldn't have guns

John Hinckley Jr. the man who attempted to kill former president Ronald Reagan, is trying to start a music career now.

In 1981, Hinckley famously shot Reagan outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. Although he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, Hinckley remained under psychiatrist and court monitoring for 41 years.

That is until he was fully released in June.

Now, Hinckley, who advocates for gun restrictions, believes in abortion right, stands with the LGBTQ+ community and Black Lives Matter, wants to begin a music career.

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On Twitter, Hinckley promotes his new music, posts photos of himself playing instruments, and updates followers in his search to find a venue to perform at.

Finding a venue to perform live music in front of a growing fanbase has been a major issue for Hinckley as most venues back out once people find out his past.

"I’m looking for a music venue that won’t cave when there’s backlash," Hinckley tweeted in late June.

Hinckley's reputation is not one easily forgotten, especially by older generations. But years of rehabilitation have given him a second chance at life.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Hinckley said his new songs are "peaceful" and meant to "uplift people.

“I just don’t have the depression and isolation that I had back then,” Hinckley told The Post.

“That’s what was driving me 41 years ago. But I have not had depression for many, many years. If I try to think about the way I was in 1981, I can’t do it. I mean, what in the world was I thinking? It’s like it was like another person. I do have remorse certainly for what happened. It’s in one of my songs.”

Hinckley has over 20 songs on Spotify, all about his past, his life, love, and peace.

Although older generations may not be too fond of Hinckley's comeback it seems younger people are.

On TikTok, one user, grace ellen, posted a video about Hinckley's Twitter and music career which many Gen Zers find positive.


he also does abstract art (and is 🤞 an example of how wraparound mental health care can transform people’s lives)!!! #johnhinckley #twitter #greenscreen

"King," one commenter wrote.

"I'm also a huge fan of his earlier work," another commenter said.

"I love him, , I get excited whenever he tweets," another person wrote.

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