American streamer confronted on Japanese subway after ranting about Hiroshima

American streamer confronted on Japanese subway after ranting about Hiroshima
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An American streamer who was harassing strangers on the subway in Japan on a live stream got confronted twice by members of the public who weren’t having any of it.

Streamer JohnnySomali filmed himself via Kick onboard a subway train in Japan, where he started a rant about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, implying that he would drop atomic bombs on the Japanese cities again as the US did in August 1945 during World War II.

JohnnySomali harassed strangers riding the subway, shouting that America would "destroy" Japan again because "you don't know how to behave".

In the video, other passengers could be seen moving away from JohnnySomali as he intentionally caused a scene while live-streaming himself on the train.

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It was at the point when JohnnySomali was standing over a passenger repeatedly saying, “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, you know? We’re going to do it again” that the streamer was confronted by another American passenger who had heard enough.

The passenger approached the streamer and suggested, “Why don’t you just leave him alone?”, telling him he was “being obnoxious”. The man confronting JohnnySomali told him he was from Texas and told him to “sit your a** down”.

But the confrontation didn’t stop there as, while he was streaming while walking on the street, a biker recognised JohnnySomali and confronted him over comments he had made in his earlier stream.

The biker could be heard asking the streamer, “You said Pearl Harbour?”, while JohnnySomali protested his innocence, responding: “I don’t say nothing. Nothing bro.”

The biker called JohnnySomali a “punk” while the streamer made an attempt to quell the situation, suggesting, “We’re good”. JohnnySomali appeared scared by the situation and backed away from the man during the non-violent confrontation.

The streamer claimed someone paid him to say the comments about Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the subway. He claimed it was a “joke” and apologised to the man.

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