Woman returns charity shop jumper because Gail Platt wore it on Coronation Street – now everyone wants it

<p>(Left) The jumper that was returned (right) Gail Platt wearing the jumper during Monday’s episode of Corrie</p>

(Left) The jumper that was returned (right) Gail Platt wearing the jumper during Monday’s episode of Corrie

Twitter/Alison_King_Fan and ITV

We all know that Gail Platt is a soap legend, as we’ve watched her on Coronation Street for more than 47 years, but she isn’t necessarily well-known for being a style icon.

At least, this is probably what one woman thought when she decided to return a jumper to a charity shop after seeing Gail wearing what appeared to be the same item on an episode of Corrie.

A woman named Kat, who works in a charity shop, tweeted that a customer returned the jumper – which was cream with multi-coloured embroidered dots – because they “saw Gail Platt wearing it on Corrie on Monday.”

She joked that she was going to relabel the item “as worn by Gail Platt” when displaying it on the shop floor.

Kat also shared a side-by-side image of the said jumper that was returned, along with a still of Gail in the garment.

And we have to say, we think Gail totally pulled it off.

Kat added in a follow-up tweet: “This is the genuinely the best refund excuse I’ve ever had. What’s wrong with our ICONIC Gail wearing it.”

People on Twitter found the story amusing and shared their thoughts on the jumper, with many happy to take the item of clothing off Kat’s hands.

Other shared similar experiences of purchasing an item of clothing or jewellery, even furniture, only to find out that a soap character had worn it in an episode – with characters ranging from Tracy Barlow, to Pat Butcher, to Deirdre Barlow.

It seems the very reason for the return has now caused the Gail garment to become hot property, with people getting in touch with Kat asking her to sell it to them.

Unfortunately, Kat tweeted that she is unable to sell the jumper to any of her followers because it’s in her contract that she’s “not allowed to sell things online.”

Though she did reveal that the jumper was originally from M&S (how boujee) for those who want to try and get their hands on one.

Might Gail have proved herself to be a fashion influencer?

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