Kai Cenat responds to Kanye West's 'industry plant' comment

Kai Cenat responds to Kanye West's 'industry plant' comment
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Streamer Kai Cenat has hit back at being called an "industry plant" by Kanye 'Ye' West following their bizarre feud over trousers.

Cenat criticised Ye's new clothing line YZY due to what he claimed was incorrect sizing, where he showed a pair of trousers far too big for him.

The criticism wasn't received kindly by Ye, who then messaged him on Instagram as well as calling him an "industry plant" on an episode of The Downloadpodcast.

In a message, Ye wrote: "Don't make no jokes about my clothes. When you ain't saying nothing about what Adidas is doing. When Vultures song came out you ain't play my verse. You controlled. Don't play with me."

Cenat replied saying: "I hear you bro but ain't no jokes was being said when I first opened up that package. I showed love instantly. All I did was try on the sweats and it didn't fit. No jokes made. I immediately asked for a new pair."

A few more messages were exchanged by Ye accused Cenat if intentionally criticising the clothing line: "F**k you... You was told to diss my s**t. You a pawn."

Now Cenat has publicly commented on the confusing drama after being called an "industry plant" by the rapper.

"Why is we arguing, brah [sic]?" the streamer yelled, reacting to the podcast while streaming on Twitch. "Man, what the f**k. Bro, Ye. Just send me some new pants, bro... All of this [because] the pants don’t fit?"

He then said he was "far from an industry plant"; Cenat also reiterated there was no need for the pair to be arguing over some trousers.

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