Kangaroo pictured having sex with a pig and apparently they're in love

Kangaroo pictured having sex with a pig and apparently they're in love

They say there are only seven stories in the world and they have all been told countless times - but we've certainly never heard of anything like this before.

The tale of a love match between a kangaroo nicknamed F--k It and a pig named Apple has come to worldwide attention after Sydney-based PhD student Ryan Frazer snapped a picture of the pair en flagrante delicto in northern Australia.

"I didn't even know it was possible," Frazer told the NT News.

We were a bit stunned, I was with my boss and it was a bit awkward.

Picture: Caters

We were just standing there like, 'this is strange. Should we still be standing here, watching, taking photos'?

When the kangaroo finished, the pig tried to jump on the back of the kangaroo for a bit, maybe to reciprocate... that's when we decided we'd had enough.

But the animals' owner Greg Dick said the animals had been in a relationship for about a year and were "in love". “It’s quite an unusual thing,” he told the NT News. "I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo nearly tore the fence down."

The animals' behaviour, while very unusual, is not completely inexplicable. The University of Sydney's Derek Spielman told the BBC: "It's unusual, you don't often see it, but that's because it's an unusual situation. These are two species that are on their own, and their only option is to befriend another type of animal."

New life goal: to find someone who looks at us the way F**k It looks at Apple.

Picture: Caters
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