Kate Abdo's boyfriend hits back at Jamie Carragher 'loyal' jibe

Kate Abdo's boyfriend hits back at Jamie Carragher 'loyal' jibe
Jamie Carragher clashes with Kate Abdo as he claims she 'not loyal' …
CBS Sports

Presenter Kate Abdo's boyfriend Malik Scott has addressed Jamie Carragher's comments on CBS Sports about Abdo being 'loyal' to him.

On March 12, Carragher, along with Abdo and fellow pundits Thierry Henry and Micah Richards, were at The Emirates Stadium to cover Arsenal's penalty shootout win over Porto to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

There was a running gag through that show that Carragher got Richards to wear an Arsenal shirt after he said on Sky Sports on March 10 that the Gunners would be the Premier League favourites if Liverpool beat Manchester City.

When Carragher asked if Abdo would wear it, she said "I'm loyal" to her team Manchester United before Carragher said: "Not to Malik?"

It stunned the panel, and social media users, that Carragher said this.

Abdo then gave a reaction described as a 'masterclass' on the following night's (March 13) Champions League coverage as she described Carragher as the 'middle child' of three brothers, adding: "Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologise? Yes he does. All of us have that annoying family member we still love and accept."

For the first time since then, Scott, Abdo's American boyfriend and boxing trainer, has addressed the comments.

Speaking to Lord Ping, Scott said: "Jamie Carragher's... what's the word - obnoxiousness - and his lack of knowing how to read the room works sometimes, that time it just didn't work.

"But sometimes it works and it plays off into a good joke, then someone else on the panel will play off that and it rolls off good on camera.

"But that wasn't a good one Jamie, so you have to watch it really from now on because once Kate gets irritated, I get irritated and it makes me want to show up."

But Scott said he 'can't go too hard on him' as Carragher did apologise.

"Any man that apologises to whoever he crossed - you can't go too hard on him," he added.

"If he didn't apologise and just said 'I said what I said so what' then that's a huge problem, I would have caught a flight because Kate is my lady and would not allow her to be disrespected."

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