New mums are comparing how they looked after giving birth compared to Kate Middleton

New mums are comparing how they looked after giving birth compared to Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton and Prince William have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles. Arise, Prince Louis!

Now that we all know the name of the person fifth in line to the crown, we can all get back to concentrating on viral trends - because that's the only real news, right?

One trend that has developed in the past few days is actually related to the new royal baby: mostly his mother and her radiant complexion after leaving hospital on Monday.

Kate was a beaming ray of light just seven hours after giving birth at 11:01 am that morning, making everyone else realise that we are just mere mortals and that Kate exists on some higher astral plane where everyone looks great after giving birth. Or something like that.

Jane Garvey, a presenter on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour,pointed this out, stating that most women look like a 'sack of spuds' after giving birth and asked mothers to send in pictures of themselves post-birth.

The results were incredible.

However, there was no negativity surrounding these pictures whatsoever and there was a firmly positive vibe in the comments, with many other women commenting on how good everyone looked.

Furthermore, there was no negativity aimed at Kate, which is refreshing in this day and age where anyone is happy to take a pop at a celebrity or someone of importance.

After all, we can't all have personal stylists to hand after one of the biggest moments in our life. Keep living your best life, everyone.

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