A website called Kendall Jenner 'brave' for eating food. It got ripped apart

Getty Images / Jason Kempin / Staff

Forget Kendall Jenner, the villain of that tone-deaf Pepsi ad. It turns out the reality-TV-star-turned model is actually a forgotten hero.

In an act so courageous that Malala Yousafzai would bow down in awe, it can be revealed that Kendall Jenner ate food before attending the Met Gala.

Yep, she actually took part in a activity essential to her continued survival. That's according to Access Online, who praised Jenner in a now-deleted tweet, writing:

@KendallJenner ate grilled cheese, fries, crepes & more before hitting the #MetGala red carpet. Now *that* is bravery.

It's daring, it's outrageous and it may be proof that feminism has gone too far, but women now appear to be able to eat when they're hungry.

People everywhere are in awe of her courage.

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