A driver in Vermont has been accused of sideswiping a police car as a result of trawling through his phone in search of a vintage episode of 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell rather than concentrating on the road.

Kevin Bacon - no, really, that's his name - was driving down Interstate 91 when he became distracted, allowing his vehicle to drift into a breakdown lane and clip a parked cruiser belonging to the local Thetford Police Department, having seemingly not noticed the vehicle's bright flashing blue lights.

But rather than pull over, Bacon, 55, continued north until he was chased and caught approximately a mile further along the highway by officer Stuart Rogers, whose car he had just hit.

Bacon - of nearby Wells River - later told officers he had been particularly interested in a 1992 episode of the high school-set comedy entitled "Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce" in which Dustin Diamond's oddball character concocts a particularly delicious pasta accompaniment and finds himself targeted by a Beverly Hills gold digger when he turns it into a successful business.

Kevin Bacon was arrested for "gross negligent operation of a vehicle" and "leaving the scene of a crash", according to the police report, and was further issued traffic citations for "texting while driving" and "operation on approach of emergency vehicles".

Neither Bacon nor the state trooper were injured in the incident and the two vehicles sustained only minor damage.

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